Product features

The EVRSafe 4000 Series are a 3 stage system, which constantly monitor the airborne presence of poisonous gas in a defined space, and allow you to view real-time gas readings, reading trends & history remotely from your computer or mobile device.

Connect up to ??? individual units wirelessly for ultimate protection and ensure every corner of your investment is protected

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 Alarm
  • Highly sensitive, precision 3 stage alarm
  • Wireless connection of multiple units
  • Monitor gas levels remotely in real time*
  • Slimline design for home & business
  • Ethernet, battery or 12V powered*
  • Interfaces with third party safety systems (eg. Activate fans, open vents etc.)
  • View & archive time & date stamped reading logs via your online portal
  • Meets UL2034, EN50291 & RoHS requirements