Ultimate protection.
Monitor / Act / Prevent

The EVRSafe 4000 Series is a range of fixed single-purpose chemical detection sensors developed for the residential & commercial property markets.

EVRSafe 4000 Series sensors help to avert life threatening emergencies caused by the airborne presence of poisonous gas in a defined space. Each model is designed to detect one specific poisonous gas or chemical.

Don’t wait for an alarm
- Stop the alarm from happening.

EVRSafe 4000 Series sensors will sound a built-in alarm before life threatening levels of gas are present, and will automatically activate any connected third-party safety systems.

Models & Suggested Applications:


Carbon Monoxide
Hotels & offices / Recreational, passenger & marine vehicles / Enclosed car parks & garages


Formaldehyde of Solvent Vapors
Factories / Workshops / Building sites


Propane / Butane / LPG
Recreational, passenger & marine vehicles / Commercial kitchens / Warehouse storage facilities


R-22 (Refrigerant Gas)
Cool rooms / Plant rooms / Air conditioning / Cold stores
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