EVRSafe Technologies
Advancing safety solutions.

EVRSafe Technologies are global leaders in gas and chemical emission detection and preventative safety technology. EVRSafe Technologies have 10 years experience in the development, production and distribution of technical safety products.

We pride ourselves on being visionaries.
EVRSafe Technologies offer a range of high quality devices for OEM and retail customers.

Our engineers and scientists are vastly experienced in the design, simulation, fabrication and characterisation of of technical safety products using complex integrated electronic modules. Our sole focus is to invent innovative, technology-driven solutions to make our global environment a safer place.

Whether it’s maintaining the safety and security of your family and investments, or supporting the efforts of government authorities and service members at home and abroad – our goal is to create a technological solution and put it to work.

EVRSafe Technologies first burst onto the global scene with the multi-award winning ISS-1040 – A proactive multi-toxic gas detection system, designed primarily for the marine industry.

The ISS (Integrated Safety System) 1000 Series created a platform for the development of EVRSafe Technologies’ other product ranges, bringing international recognition and backing to the company and its products.

EVRSafe Technologies are constantly at work evaluating and expanding our product range to meet the ever-changing needs of the global market. We are actively engaged in developing more innovative ways to protect our environment and our way of life.