World launch of the EvrSafe 4000 and 5000 series integrated gas detection system.

EvrSafe worlds first ISS-1040 is a sophisticated, innovative, integrated, multi toxic gas sensory device. The unit can simultaneously detect multi gases, such as carbon monoxide, butane, LPG, nitrogen dioxide

A compact display unit and multi sensors enable it to be fitted to any boat. ISS-1040 comes standard with 4 sensors and CPU, however up to 132 additional sensors may be fitted. Using Cat-5 cabling, installation is easy.

ISS-1040 alerts via voice, audio and text of toxic gas presence, isolates the cause and provides solutions on how to rectify the danger.

The unit can be customized to any boat. Also can be fully integrated with a craft’s existing engine, wiring and display systems. The unit may isolate and shut off fuel valves if fitted as such.

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